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When you forgive him, are you teaching him the right lesson?
Every chance you give is ruined again.
"I thought he learned,"
but now you've lost him again.
If he thinks he's in charge, well,
He'll continue to chip away at your snapping point.
Until you say goodbye once again,
&& until he worms his way back in.
He'll only do what you let him do, honey,
Guys know when you've got a soft spot.
Your friends tell you what they believe is right but,
Just like last time, you can't seem to let go.
&& he'll hurt you again & again & again
like the time before & before & before.
When will he learn?
That's your question.
But mine is, When will you teach?
I say this not to chastise or berate
but simply because it's an experience.
You can build on it by showing him who's in charge
or you can let him have his way yet again.
But if I meet him you know
This is written for Connie. You know what I think about him!
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May 16, 2009
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